Piano Players

The Ivory Room has some of the most experienced dueling pianos players in Wisconsin. Meet them here!

Anthony Cao


You’ve seen Anthony at The Ivory Room for 10+ years! He still rocks as a dueling piano player, as a husband, as a father, and as a high school music teacher. The consummate musician, his voice makes men cry and women swoon.

Leslie Cao


Leslie is pretty much the best singer in the history of singers. Request all the female  songs you want! (I Wanna Dance With Somebody, I Will Survive, Man I Feel Like A Women, etc. etc.) If you’re lucky, she’ll play a bunch of sweet guy songs too (Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson . . . all the guys with basically female voices). Somehow related to Anthony (see above).

Kevin Gale


Kevin Gale has “dueled” for nine years, mostly at Howl at the Moon and The Ivory Room. If you like mediocre musicianship and A+ entertainment, Kevin is your guy. Come request Disney music and he’ll give you a free high five!

Andy Schneider

Version 2

You might know Andy from S4E5 of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,” or maybe he’s made a sandwich for you at the Subway off of Hwy-26. We’d like to welcome Andy to The Ivory Room as part of a criminal rehabilitation program. (He maintains his innocence btw.) Come watch as Andy learns the piano, and see how he navigates the pedal with that pesky ankle bracelet. As far as song requests go: if Andy’s heard it, he’ll attempt it.

(Also – only one of Andy’s four previous statements is true . . . sources say it’s the last one).

Trey Grimm

1102685_10200440641360807_1284854879_o 2

Trey Grimm has been performing on stage since the age of five, and hasn’t grown up at all. Some thirty-odd years later, his immaturity (coupled with his vocal range, lightning-fast rap skills, and repertoire of thousands of tunes) delights crowds all over the upper Midwest on a weekly basis.

Vince Strong


Vince “El Jefe” Strong is a dueling legend: the best of the lousiest, and the lousiest of the best. A Wisconsin local, he bring his energy to The Ivory Room like no other. Find him there, playing the hits and wailing with his incredible vocal range.

Chris Gale


Chris Gale, from Minneapolis, MN, has been a professional dueler since 2006, working all over the country and world and North Dakota. In addition to dueling, Chris composes music for film/TV/advertisement, and also writes and performs his own original music. Although he won it back in 2004, he’s pretty sure he still holds the crown of St. Croix Valley’s Next Youth Idol. He’s THE original Ivory Room player (first dueler at the first performance, November of ‘aught six).

Luke Hrovat-Staedter


Hi! I’m Luke! The hot one. Hotter than Chris. No . . . I really am, trust me. Let’s get LIT tonight. ON WISCONSIN! Wanna hear Roses? Stacy’s Mom? Or Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas / Sarajevo 12/24?? I promise I’m an adult; I’m actually a mature high school music teacher.

Nicky Jordan


Nicky Jordan is a raw powerhouse performer and a rocker at heart. Prepare to be blown away by her huge 3.5 octave range, impressive vocal gymnastics, head banging, and the longest notes you’ve ever heard. Did we mention power? Her coworkers call it “vocal cords of steel.” All wrapped up in a short 5’ femme fatale package!

Eben Seaman


The most scholarly of the duelers, Eben actually works as a full-time piano player for the University of Iowa, Department of Dance. His piano chops are the best; just ask him to play Devil Went Down To Georgia, the Super Mario Bros Theme Song, or Baba O’Riley.

P.S. You wouldn’t guess it, but he’s a helluva rapper.

Steve Watts


Steve Watts is a jack-of-all-trades: actor/singer/dueler/baller. His performances are large and in charge. When asked for info regarding this bio, his direct quote says it all. “I’m a very silly man, and I’m not going to interview me.”